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I believe that everyone can sing, it is just a matter of understanding how to use your voice. The vocal cords are surrounded by tiny muscles that help the vocal cords produce sound. They are like any other muscle, it needs to be trained and understood in order to produce healthy sound. This kind of training is important for vocal users of all kinds. My studio is targeted to help young voice users learn how to use their body to create a healthy and a strong sound. I will start by evaluating how they naturally use their voice, and what their unique voice is best suited for. Then I will help them learn to sing using fun exercises and song studies. We will also study how to interprete songs and their meanings. Through in class work and practicing at home, your child will not only learn how to sing, but also to find a passion for music.



Do you have an auditioning coming up? Anything from specific production auditions, college audition prep, or season auditions, I can help. We will first learn to analyze what needs to be displayed at the audition for maximum benefit of the auditioneer. Then we will learn how to best display our abilities for an audition panel with the material we choose. Also, we will learn audition etiquette, appropriate and flattering attire, and all the materials you need for a successful audition.  Through mock-auditions, examples, and coaching, you will learn how to give a strong and confident audition. 


As an acting coach, my studio is targeted to help actors of all ages and types find their ability to express emotion. We will start by identifying who we are naturally, and find material to help strengthen our natural personalities on stage. We will learn to map monologues of all kinds and songs if need be, and learn to present these pieces to others. Then we will slowly start branching out and taking on more and more challenging and complex characters. Through monologues, character studies, and physical movement, you or your child will learn how to create deep meaningful characters that will inspire many. 

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