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Little Women

Broadway World- 2016 LINK

"Moore plays Jo March, the independent, pants-wearing writer of the family. As Jo, Moore leaps across the stage, waves her arms, and smiles big. She's a fixer, a make-things-better, figure-it-out-herself kind of person, and Moore plays it beautifully -- just as well as she plays Jo's moments of unease, the times when things are not in her control. And a special mention to Moore, who was seemingly unphased when her mic went out toward the end of the first act. She carried on like a trooper, her voice still soaring all the way to the back of the room."

Natalie de la Garza

Houston Press- 2016 LINK

Shanae'a Moore makes a spitfire Jo. Setting off sparks, much as she did in Classical Theatre's recent A Doll's House, she's a bundle of energy..."

D.L. Groover

A Doll's House

Houston Press- 2016

"Shanae'a Rae Moore has the right age, figure and beauty for Nora. (She is) lithe and flighty, she's exactly what Torvald wants: a lovely little thing to scold and fuss over and possess. Ibsen does not make her easy to like as she's wayward, dishonest, vain and selfish, and Rae does not underplay her less admirable qualities. Her transformation into maturity is sudden but it's not abrupt; it's been building through the play, and those freeze frames help a great deal in easing the transition. In the crushing final scene where Nora's fate outside in the world is questionable, even Rae questions it. She grows up in front of our eyes."

D.L. Groover


Houston Chronicle-2016

"Shanae'a Rae Moore's girlish yet fascinatingly complex Nora… (she) conveys Nora's childlike enthusiasm and impulsiveness, yet with glimmers of the frustration underneath. She shows that Nora uses her flirtatiousness, helplessness and giddy game-playing because she's been given no other way to function. Yet even her childlike manner and voice work in the portrayal's favor when Nora at last confronts Torvald and demands he take her seriously."

Everett Evans 


Jerry Finnegan's Sister

The Eagle-2016
"Revnell-Smith said, they run the gamut of ages for these characters -- a great acting feat.

The audience can expect a charming, sweet play with a lot of humor and poignancy and excellent acting."



The Fantasticks

Houston Chronicle-2012

"Shanae’a Moore’s Luisa is probably the best Luisa I have ever experienced. She has the right look (Luisa is supposed to be 16 years-old), the right bright, clear, and resonant soprano voice, and makes all of the right choices with her phenomenal acting.
(The first Duet) “Metaphor,” is certainly a Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald send-up., and is exquisitely realized by two outstanding performers."

 Buzz Belmont 



Letter to the Editor-2010
"Shanae'a Moore plays the title role of Eva Peron....Moore delivers one of the best JDHS leading lady performances I have ever seen. From the moment she enters stage left... to the last heart breaking scene, she is Evita. Not only does she sing amazingly well, she tangos, spins, dips, flips, kicks and even flies!...From now on when I hear of Evita I will think of Shanae'a Moore before I think of Madonna, Patti LuPone or Elaine Paige."





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